What Happened to Contemporary Christian Music?



Now here. We all know that there is plenty of praise that can be given to God, and that we as humans can not possibly give enough praise to God that He deserves. However, we can still praise Him and give Him music that will surely make Him be proud of his children. We have amazing contemporary Christian artists that hope and strive to get the message of God out there, because it is necessary to truly embrace the work of Christ. Some people call us Bible-believers, which we are, and some people call us Jesus Fanatics, which we are. We believe in the word of Christ so much that we truly believe that He died on the cross and will come again to judge the living and the dead. You could think this is some little joke or something along those lines; however, we know that Jesus truly is alive and risen, and we find it necessary to make music to praise God. Even more so, we want there to be more people who are willing to praise God and put Him in the forefront of their lives.

We enjoy listening to different Christian radio stations, because we get to see others who enjoy spreading the word of Christ. After all, we do not want to act as though we are the only ones who deserve Christ, because if someone did not reveal Christ to us, then we would not have known about him. This is why we take special precaution to make sure that we stay in tune with Christ and truly build our radio station to one that supports artists who give out a positive amazing message like Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Schoolkids, and Lecrae. We want to make sure that you get every type of voice that speaks to you and constantly puts you in a state of worshipping God and glorifying his name, regardless of where you are in life. No matter if you are a dentist or a physician, it is the same God who operates on us all, and when it is time to judge us, He will judge the dentist and the physician. Therefore, let us all hold our hands and pray, because we will make it through today, God-willing, and we will make sure that we can enlighten as many others as we can!

The whole point of LifeFM is to make sure that Christians hear the word of Christ, whether they be Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Non-Denominational, Baptist, and even people who contemplate Christianity. The same light shines on us all, and the same God works on us all. We want to make sure we can truly serve you in the best way we can, because this is how we want to be served! As long as you call us, you can be sure you are receiving quality. As long as you work with us, you can be sure you are receiving the finest!

Be sure to contact LifeFM, when it is time to get that amazing feeling of worshiping Christ!


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