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What is up guys and welcome to LifeFm. Today we would like to discuss a serious topic, a very serious topic. What is this serious topic you might ask? This serious topic would be the attempt of going over to the other side. What do we mean when we say going over to the other side you might say? We are just talking about not being on God’s side. Now why would it be important to be on God’s side you might ask? Well, it is very important to be on God’s side because that is the only way to truly enjoy anything really. We would really appreciate it if you guys really heard us out on this talk because we are being very serious right now and want to make sure you guys understand what it means to actually be engaged in the wrong thing. Many people may not think that not choosing God is a bad idea, when in fact, not choosing God will definitely be a mistake that you will not be able to live down literally. We want you guys to know the importance of being able to understand what LifeFm has to offer in terms of contributing beneficial music to people. We honestly believe LifeFm is the right radio station for you because we are genuinely interested in giving you guys reasons to stay with God and we love providing people with music that is uplifting and motivational that way people are well-equipped to make awesome decisions that are going to be very beneficial to you and your family in the future. We honestly do try to give people quality content that way they can effectively choose what type of involvement in society and also in life that they may want to have. People can really vary just based of a decision as simple as this. Now we would like to lay out some of the possible possibilities that can come with choosing the Other side.


  • When you choose the other side you are basically choosing satisfaction over happiness. When we say satisfaction over happiness we are just trying to say you are picking something that will only give you short-term benefit as opposed to something that can actually end up giving you long term joy.
  • The other side will only feel fulfilling for a short amount of time. When we say the other side will only be fulfilling for a short amount of time we are just trying to say is you may like what you do for a small amount of time, and not really even be engaged in it fully.
  • Choosing God will give you options. We are just saying it how it is and God definitely opens door.


We hope that the case we have made was a great case because we are 100% dedicated to giving people the truth and the truth is God, so please give LifeFm a chance to at least show you what our company is all about.